Sakura Memories
memories of D -1 -9
Mar 1, 2010 @ 9:13 PM


*i think its time for the draft i made for quite a while should turn into a post*

this pOst is dedicated especially to my dorm mates in D-1-9........

the first day in nilai... the first time i entered this dorm... i didnt know any of my dorm mates.. and the fact that they were seniors... nureen is another junior entered our dorm the second day i came to nilai untill i finished cfs.... the awkward senior-junior relationship was only at first.. after a while.. all of us became close dorm mates.. :)

i'm very thanxful bcz i've had the chance to stay in D-1-9 for my first sem in nilai... everyone was nice even though i'm a juniOr... it was like a new lifestyle.. i practiced things that i dont normally do... understanding the variOus characters of people... face new challenges in my studies... n Alhamdulillah it ended fine....

~ These r my messages tO eaCh of my dorm mates..

*kak Bie ~ smOge ceria2 slalu.... n all de beSt kt gombak !! jgn make tOm yam + sambal belacan jah sokmo die gOmbok nnti... haha... n maaflaa klu ore ado wat salah n silap time ngajar bi.. luv ya..

*kak bEahz ~ slamat berteakwondo kak beah !! smOge menjadi tahap MASTER nnti !! haha.

*kak MunSyi ~ kak munsyi stay ayu !! thanx cz tlg letakkan ICE kt pipi kte time SMAC aritu... wat malu je haha ~

*kak G ~ kak G !! thanx cz sokmo stay n sembang dgn owg dlm dorm..

*kak BeLLe ~ thanx kak bELLe cz tlg ore practice BI yg dh bkarat nie n wi ore blaja bekki pC..
haha * mujo laa ok last2 huh!

*kak nOra (musyrifah) ~ thanx kak nora cz slalu wat lawak !! sy mesti akan rindu lawak kak
nOra !! n thanx cz tlg2 ajO sy ARAB eventhough sy still x pass...
haha.. * akan mencari kaknOra utk blaja ARAB lg di gOmbak* :)

*kak iZzah ~ terima kasih kpd kak izzah yg slalu bg nasihat yg bguna kt sy n tpakse lyn kerenah sy yg pelik2 n slalu bjiwe ni... haha...

*kak LaiLy ~ thanx atas nasihat2 n buku2 motivasi kak laily yg kte ade tgk2 dulu.. :)

*kak Nad ~ kak nad kentang !! dont 4get me !! stay lawak in gOmbak !! *take care of ur nOtes
cz i'll be needing thEm !! haha

*kak jOwi ~ thanx kak jOwi cz wat dOrm kteowg happening dgn kehadiran member2 kak
jOwi.. haha..

*nUrEen ~ thanx 4 everything rEen... 4give me klu ade salah n silap slame kte jd dormmate ni... happy2 slalu k..

deep down... i wish that we cOuld all stay in the same dOrm again 4 my next sem.... but what to do they need tO move on... to a new life in gOmbak... i'm happy 4 them n i hOpe they will always b successful in gOmbak... althOugh it was a shOrt stay in D-1-9.. it was pleasant n memorable... hOpe 2 c all of u again in gOmbak !!
luv all of ya !! ~ xoxo ~