Sakura Memories
Sep 29, 2010 @ 9:38 PM
is this farewell ??

i just finished my 3rd sem n i really hope that its my last.. if not * redho je la...
ok, the things i learnt from my 3 SEMS in cfs iium pj n nilai...

first. >> AVOID knowing guys that have religious backgrounds... * bcz some will make ur head explode of confusion & majOr misunderstandings.

second. >> TRY not 2 judge people by any means.... well, who are we to judge?

third. >>TRY not 2 get urselves involved with guys... to avoid major heartache ;p

fourth. >>TRY to make new frenz preferably in the same course... since ur going 2 c them who
knows till when.. haha..

fifth. >> TRY not 2 be a anak manja. even if u r one *referring to myself*

sixth. >> TRY ur best in everything u do !! chaiyOk !! gambatteh !! akiramenai !!

seventh. >> TRY not 2 be a hypocrite.... bcz sometimes u cant help urselves being one.

eighth. >> AVOID PLASTICS * i always say this 2 my gurl frenz... haha.

ninth. >>TRY 2 be a good listener as i always believe that everyone wants to be heard... u just
have to lend ur ears.. * it doesnt hurt to help someone u know.... ;)

tenth. >> ALWAYS B grateful 4 everything u have now.. bcz it will not last forever... (^_^)