Sakura Memories
Nov 27, 2010 @ 8:29 PM


* This is the first time i dO TAGs.. bcz i havent been tagged b4*
!! THANX 2 syafiQ gedix ;p !!
here it goes........

This is the PIC 4 this KIDS & BABY CONTEST.

i like the dreSs i wOre in thiS pic
+ the red shOes..
so dorothy *the wizard of Oz*

waaa.. this brings back fragments of memories when i was in scotland..
sOo want 2 gO there again !!
*someday inshaALLAH ~

@ nOw.. the luCky 8 that i'm gOing 2 tag @

miSs fude
miss maziah-chan
miss mira misaO
miss bha
miSs dayang mahani
mr. @aron loCk
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15 DISEMBER 2010

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~ the letter R ~
Nov 2, 2010 @ 9:57 PM

there's a story behind everything.... the story behind the title of this post is...

On 1 NOT SO fine day... when i was in standard 3... i had to read an article from a BM text book...then, i came to a part where i had to pronounce the word "merak"... at first, i read it normally *my way*.. then, my teacher , *who i dont even want 2 remember* make me read it again.. then, i wonder why.. suddenly she asked me "where are u from? *as in parents's hometown" i said "kelantan" .. then she said "patutlaa...." then everyone seems to be chatting about something..n i thought that i heard giggles at that time....hmmm... i wonder the purpose of my teacher asking me that question.. then it was time for recess...

After recess, everyone had to line up before entering the class.. then i asked one of my friends who i think is nice.. * and she is nice* i ask her, why did that teacher asked me that question? then my friend answered.. owh.. because the way u pronounce R is DIFFERENT... in malay, " awak pelat R.. " owh.... then i was confused... to tell u the sad truth.. i cant even differentiate a right pronounciation of the letter R n the wrong one... poor me.. that was the starting point, i knew i had speech impediment / disorder...since that day... i hate to say my full name.. i became ashamed of myself.. everyone who knew about it make fun of me.. it's like its a must for them... well.... even i'm like this... i think its not that bad.. the ones with lisp... also face the same prob as i do but they have probs with S.. oh well... what to do.. maybe there are others who have it worse.. so B GRATEFUL !!

Atleast, during my primary years.. there was a lecturer who had to give a speech at our school.. he has the same problem as i do... well... he managed to become a lecturer even he has speech impediment... i started to believe that its ok to be someone like that... my parents dont have it..6 including me out of 8 of my siblings have this impediment... everyone of us have diff pronounciation of R.... haha.. sometimes its funny to think about it... i dont feel that ALONE with my siblings though.... yay 4 siblings!! haha ;)

Sometimes i dont care about it that much.. but sometimes i do.... since primary. secondary till now... there are people who like to make fun of me... oh well... i always say a so-called curse to them * ur sons/ daughters would have it too if u make fun of me * just to make them stop.. if they dont.. redha je la.. in other words dah lali...

i am who i am... if u cant accept me... its up to u...
i will always be like this till someday. * i hope*
inshaALLAH... ;)