Sakura Memories
~ Bittersweet memOries of 1st year 1st sem ~
May 12, 2011 @ 2:09 AM
asSalam ~

this blog is kinda rusty....
anyways, i'm back... *will B back posting but not that frequent*
sorry 4 the unpolished grammar...**still working on it**
so far.. this is my bittersweet memories of my first year uni student...

The Start

~ 8th Dec 2010..registered as a newbie of iium.. my first day was not that fun. but thanx 2 mizah n dyana 4 being there when i need company. really had fun with those two during the first week of taaruf..i had the chance to be with some of my ict gp72 mates and benL friends... my past n present at the same time n place....really missed the moments in pj n nilai back then....

~ Overall, taaruf week was fun... thanx n congratz 2 the committees 4 their hard work. :)

In BetWeEn

~ the REAL iium taaruf begins.. had to walk..n walk.. n walk.. in search of classes.. being lost became a NORM during this week. (T_T)... **sorry salwa momo if i gave u a hard time n thanx a lot 4 being there a long the way... ;)

~ the ones i look forward to meet in gombak were my seniors of D-1-9.. kak bie, kak beLL, kakbeLLe, kak G, kak Munsyi, kak Nad!, kak nOra, kak izZah.. *met mOst of them... still looking forward to hang out together again.. :)

~ met new friends along the way.. dyana,, anyss, sa'diyah, arisha.. love y'all...

ThE End

~ the start bz n complicated times... assignments... presentations.. :(
unstable emotions got in the way... i lost a friend.. oh well.. what to do.. i was at fault..
just asking 4 forgiveness n thanx 4 the memories..

~ Had a great learning experience.. mr.mazlan, dr. maimunah, miss tanja, miss mariya, pn. khalifah sufiah, ustaz. Dr. hawatmeh and kak nadia..**thanx a million 4 everything u taught me...May ALLAH bLeSs all of u <3 inshaALLAH...

~ i'm grateful to hv girlfriends like dyana esp. , dayang, salwa n maggie** thanx a lot gals 4 being there when i need u gals.. <3 y'all... besides that, thanx a lot 2 luqman@aaron, syafiq gedik, azim 4 all the hang outs, lunch, dinners we all had during sem 1.. u guys r the best.. :)

~ thanx a million also goes to kak izzati, my best BENL senoir 4 all the help during sem 1 n also kak keryn 4 the arabic part 3 book **i passed** alhamdulillah <3 May ALLAH BLeSs u 2 ~~

so, that's about it.. a little piece of my mind of my first sem.... :)