Sakura Memories
~ my BzBzBz may ~
May 12, 2011 @ 3:40 AM
asSaLam ~

my Bz mOnth...

30th april - 2nd may ~ in terengganu.. had fun at sumai. abiye, moksu n family came along and made it worth it. haha. stayed for a few days.

13th may ~ will be in kL , gombak...working on PrOgram Tulisan Jawi... inshaALLAH.

30th may ~ off to langkawi.... very excited with this trip.. my friend's wedding.. *FIRST time gOin to Utara... n FIRST friend 2 get married* cOngratz seha.. luv u <3 excited!! haha..

~ hOpe this Bz mOnth will run smOothly. inshaALLAH ~