Sakura Memories
~ HOLiday tripS ~
Jun 7, 2011 @ 10:48 AM
asSalam ~

i'm gonna scribble bits n pieces of my trip to utara, since its my first ;)
Firstly, i would thanx seha :3 who is now happily married <3 who invited me to her wedding banquet on the 31st May... *the ultimate reason of goin to utara, haha*

Off to UTARA ~

i was off to utara on the night of 29th May from KL with kakni n wanie...
arrived 30th in kangar perlis early in the morning.. went back to jitra, kedah.. bcz we're (me n kakni) staying there b4 goin to the wedding banquet.. had fun sight-seeing with kakni in jitra.. all the paddy fields.. jitra seems a peaceful place to stay.. lucky kakni ;p

On the way 2 the wedding banQuet ~

This day... did few first times.. from riding the ferry until arriving at seha's house.. we departed fom kuala perlis... then arrived in kuah , Langkawi.. Jetty point ;)
a whole new experience with husna, wani, aten n balqis.. *thanx 2 balqis's driving experience, we arrived safely at seha's house... we arrived earlyb4 the groom arrived.. took a couple of pictures of the pretty bride >> seha ;3 n then seha with faiz, the groom.... the food was ok.. a decent wedding n wedding banquet.. *hOpefully seha n faiz will live happily ever after*

After the wedding ~

we went sight-seeing throughout langkawi.. oriental village.. pantai chenang.. had loads of fun.... spend the night at aten's house with wanie... met UNA, the cute n chubby 3 year old.. she's aten's relative.. dinner was great.. slept a little late.. ;)

langkawi shopping ~

Our first stop was Beras Terbakar.. the nearest place to aten's house.. then, we wen to idaman suri.. the place u hv to go 4 chocolates n kitchenware... another is Haji Ismail Group... these stores are in Kuah, Langkawi ... we also went to a harbour, i cant remember the actual name.. n Ayer Hangat Village.. then we ate luch at a complex near a masjid.. after solat.. all of us went to the jetty point to send balqis n the gang from kedah to kuala kedah..
around 5.. me, aten n wanie went to the cable car.. unfortunately the weather was not that fine.. droplets of rain.. oh well, better now then never... all of us , me, wanie n aten went sight-seeing on the cable car.. the scenery was very3 nice.. better if the weather is clear... after that, all of us went back to aten's house.. ate dinner with aten's parents n wanie at a restaurant joint house near the town.. i think..

Bye2 Langkawi.. HeLLo pErLiS ~

The last day in langkawi :(
bid our farewells to aten n her parents.. n then me n wanie continue our trip back to semenanjung.. husna waited for us at kuala perlis...
That evening, husna insisted of taking me n wanie to Padang Besar, Perlis.. the furthest place in Utara.. near to Thailand.. bought a few brooches there... ate tomyam.. *husna finished mine.. ;p
Padang Besar is very similiar to Pengkalan Kubur... oklaa.. had fun with husna n wanie in the car.. haha.. sight-seeing in Perlis is very worth it.. love to look at the mountains n paddy fields... very soothing to the eyes.. ;)

Farewell Utara ~

me, wanie n kakni head back to kL n then me n kakni to Jb.. UTARA - SELATAN.. huh..
Alhamdulillah.. everything we planned turns out ok.. now, i'm home.. missing the view of the paddy fields.. langkawi.. n the mountains in utara... hOping to go there again.. someday.. inshaALLAH.. :3


~ Hasiff
~ kakni n brader Apiz.. ;p
~ Wanie n Family...
~ Aten n Family...
~ Pn.Seha n family..
~ Khusna n Family..
~ Balqis n the gang ;)