Sakura Memories
Jul 31, 2011 @ 12:48 AM

Final Fantasy VIII

final fantasy... a game i never knew about... till a friend explains it all.
this post is about that friend.. a friend which i truly appreciate her friendship..
hopefully till forever... ;)

this friend..
we knew each other since in standard 5..
we were in the same class till form 5..
nearly 7 years of friendship..
all the bittersweet moments
that will always carve a smile.
these are some fragments of my memories with this friend..

during standard 5..
we laughed a lot in class..
with ejat n all..
get punished 4 laughing..
tha whole group had to stand..
her seat was in front of mine...
we did a lot together..

form 1
entered smks...
she helped me a lot during my 1st period... *really thanxful*
thanx to her.. i got the chance of my lifetime to be a librarian..
we spent recess together sometimes...
haha.. even changed classes from 1 PM1 to 1 PM 2..
just because both of us we're the only ones in 1 PM 1 that got 4A's for upsr. haha

form 2
ok.. i cant remember much..

form 3
we were distant...
but meerah made us stick together...
anime n japanese culture.. haha ;p

form 4
this ym screen name i'll never forget..
where we share lots of virtual pillow talks..
had a loads of ups n downs together

form 5
the start of something which i really want to erase n rewrite...
really thanxful to ALLAH s.w.t. that we finally talk to each other again after 3 months of awkwardness n guilt..

2008 - 2010..
bz with own study life..
she entered kmj then utm..
i entered cfs iium then iium..
distant....but we still keep in touch at times..
again.. virtual pillow talks..

spent the day together..
went to jusco...ate sushi...girl talk..
*thanx to her brother 4 his help*
the 2nd real pillow talk..
*cant remember the first* haha
share lots of things like normal gurls do..
interesting views of love n life..
it was fun and pleasant...
hope to do it again some other time..

....Nur Nabihah Binti Yusof...
thanx a lot 4 being a true friend then n now...
Forgive me 4 all the wrong things i've done to u...
May ALLAH BLeSs u n the ones u love.. always ~ <3
<3 XOXO <3

~ this is our song ~