Sakura Memories
the runaway student
Mar 24, 2012 @ 1:49 AM
gone through a hectic week...
fever + cough
few mid examz..
3 events in one day
done all with the slightest regret..
my heart was already home..

determination was at its best...
packed my bags n run..
no looking back..
i wish i had a reason to stay...
well, seems that there's none..
better of home alone
than being all alone
even when u're not actually alone
*ifuknowwhatimean* :)

the sweet feeling of being home..
will never fade away.. *grateful*
i lost 3 kgs due to examz = fever - stress..
need to gain weight as much as possible at home..
before going back to my everyday
notthatmuchofalife in uni...
luckily.. still.. there are a few..
really FEW certain reasons
that make me happy there..
thank you..


the runaway student.