Sakura Memories
pieces of me
Jun 24, 2012 @ 1:43 PM
they say your character defines you.
but what defines your character? 
upbringing? emotional state? psychological condition?
i wonder...

a little something about my character.. 
i may seem calm most of the times.. 
i may seem not to fight back..
i may seeem lonely...
well the reality are all the opposites..

people may say i'm stubborn and selfish..
when it comes to relationships..
well.. none of them know the true me..
and i wont state the obvious of who knows me best...
believe me.. if i leave u.. that's the last of it..
i have no regrets..

poeple act the way they want to..
facing ups and downs.. the norms in lfe..
i have my own way.. 
my own views of things..
well i'm curious and often wonder
the predestined fate i have that lies ahead of me..
the only thing i can do is pray...
pray for the betterment of the future...
the future of of this life and the other..

~ wedding fever ~
1:31 PM
talking about weddings..
some may find it amusing.. annoyed..
and many other reactions...

personally..i love weddings..
the atmosphere.. the food.. the decorations..
a context full of happiness and love.
the wonders of wedding lies after the big day..
the duties... the relationship.. plannings.. 

wedding is a special life event that happens to the ones who are worthy.. 
the ones that can handle the responsibilities.. 
the duties.. as a wife.. a husband.. parents...

i thought of my grandparents..
who truly lived the famous vow..'till death do us part' 

well.. more and more people are getting married these days..
but how many marriages that lasts a lifetime..
i wonder...