Sakura Memories
random rants
Aug 9, 2012 @ 1:02 AM
people do change.
its just a matter of time and life events..
either u can control the changes that are happening to you..
or you follow the changes and become a different person altogether...

friendships and love.
why do we often care about the ones who doesnt?
if they really do love u.. they wouldnt leave u..
i loved u.. but u made ur choice..
the only thing left is our memories together..
i miss u once a while.. oh well... what to do..

true love.
its hard to find true love.
maybe u'll never know until u lose it...
too bad its too late.
oh well... the sad truth..prince charming only exists in fairytales...

life and death.
i love-hate my life..
but i'm grateful just to be alive..
i'm just living my destined life....
forgive me for all the wrong things i've done.
or any of which i've overlooked.. 
sorry everyone and thank you..
for being in my life..